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Registration of data bases of personal

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On protection of personal data" from 01.06.2010. № 2297-VI (in force since January 01, 2011.) Database of personal data on individuals subject to registration with the State Service of Ukraine on protection of personal data information to be entered in the State Register of personal data.
Base of personal data - this is called the set of ordered personal data in electronic form and / or in the form of card files of personal data (Article 2 of the said Act).
In particular, the bases of personal data subject to mandatory registration, include a database of employees of enterprises, institutions and organizations in the paper and / or electronic form.
In the case of non-statutory requirements for registration data files occur liabilities:
- Administrative (fines from 5100 UAH. Up to 17,000 USD. Regardless of the offense);
- Criminal (restriction or imprisonment for the illegal collection, storage, use, destruction, the spread of confidential information about a person).
LC "Professional Legal Group" provides services for registration of personal data for all enterprises, institutions, organizations and individuals - entrepreneurs, regardless of region of Ukraine.
For more information, please contact the following contact information LC "Professional Legal Group":

Tel.: +38 (044) 592-20-95

E-mail: office@pl-group.com.ua

Web-site: www.pl-group.com.ua


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