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Professional Legal Group is based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

We provide wide range of legal services. In particular:

- Contract work (drafting and proofreading of all types of agreements (including foreign economic contracts): buying and selling, supply, storage, services, rent, loan, insurance, leasing, commission, agency contracts, etc.;

- Legal support for IT business (drafting agreements/contracts/agreements for the provision of services (including foreign economic), drafting of non-disclosure agreements (NDA), SaaS, MSA, consulting on GDPR, etc.).;

- Legal services for online forms of doing business, marketplaces, etc. (drafting the Terms of Use of Websites (online platforms), Terms of Confidentiality, Conditions for the transfer and storage of personal data, drafting accession agreements (public offer) and other documents for legal support activities of online platforms, analysis and advice on the legislation of different countries on the validity of the applied forms in the respective jurisdictions, taking into account the transnational nature of online sales/services);

- Legal support for companies providing facility management services in the field of commercial real estate (drafting and proofreading contracts for the appraisal of real estate objects, drafting a full range of contracts according to the facility management scheme);

- Acting as a legal adviser on food products (Food Law Advisor) for foreign companies (preparation of legal opinions and references on legislation in the field of production and sale of food products, the use of food additives, standards for the production and labeling of specific products, packaging requirements, regulatory the content of harmful substances and specific elements in food products, checking labels for compliance with legislation (label check));

- Claim work on the collection of receivables, representation in the executive service; representation in courts of all instances of various jurisdictions (commercial, administrative courts, courts of general jurisdiction, arbitration courts) on any issues, representation in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;

- Formation/optimization of document flow in companies, maintaining archives and registers of contracts;

- Consulting on legal issues regardless of the field or direction;

- Registration/re-registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, making changes, drawing up documentation to confirm the final beneficiaries;

- Corporate legal relations (drafting constituent documents, minutes of general meetings of founders, decisions of owners, legal support for the activities of the supreme governing bodies of companies (organization and legal support for the preparation and holding of general meetings of participants, meetings of supervisory boards), drafting local regulatory documents of various directions, formalizing relations between founders and management);

- Legal support in transactions of purchase and sale of corporate rights, real estate transactions (purchase and sale, lease, property management), legal audit of assets and documents of legal entities before acquiring corporate rights, documents and rights to real estate; legal audit of assets before acquiring companies; implementation of property protection optimization schemes;

- Checking legal entities and individuals against available databases and registers (including the court register), proofreading registration and constituent documents of counterparties, focusing on the risks of the powers or legal personality of counterparties when concluding agreements;

- Legal support of relations in the field of intellectual property (drafting and proofreading license and sublicense agreements, registration of trademarks, analysis of materials on infringement of intellectual property rights and development of a strategy for protection, checking brands against official databases, analysis of legislation on specific requests, judicial protection of intellectual property rights, legal protection of intellectual property rights in the context of antitrust relations, customs relations, advising on new projects involving intellectual property);

- Legal support for non-residents opening a business in Ukraine, registration of foreign investments; opening of representative offices of foreign companies and their full support (including drafting regulations, local documents, personnel documentation, forms of model contracts, etc.);

- Drawing up of foreign economic contracts (in different languages); registration of foreign economic contracts of financial loan in the National Bank of Ukraine; legal control of foreign economic transactions;

- Drafting of duty regulations, of provisions, of rules, of standarts, of other local acts;

- Monitoring of changes in the normative legal base for a particular direction or area of activity, thematic compilation of legislation on specific issues;

- Support of private companie’s tenders, other alternative procedures for concluding agreements with counterparties;

- Legal advising on pricing, antimonopoly law;

- Participation in negotiations, providing recommendations on propositions received from counterparties and on the draft contracts; legal support and control over observance of legislation in the performance of contracts, application of financial sanctions etc; providing recommendations for amendments to contracts, for statutory documents due to changes in the current legislation;

- Control over the observance of the currency legislation, of the tax law, of the antimonopoly law, of the corporate law;

- Prejudicial adjustment of conflicts;

- Representation in state authorities and courts on issues of intellectual property, on issues of special measures of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine on imports, on issues of application of special sanctions of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine in forms of temporary suspension of foreign economic activity or individual licensing regime of FEA, on issues of obtaining of individual licenses of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine on the foreign trade operations;

- Services in the field of consumer rights protection from the position of the manufacturer (seller, importer) (label checking and accompanying documents for correctness and compliance with the requirements for mandatory information, compilation and/or translation of regulatory documentation regarding labels, development of methods and/or recommendations for meeting the requirements legislation in the field of consumer protection);

- Representation in state bodies and institutions on any questions, preparation of responses to inquiries of state bodies, sending lawyer requests to collect information and documents in order to protect the interests of the business. Representing the interests of business entities during inspections by tax and other regulatory authorities, preventive advice before inspections, appealing the results of inspections in administrative and judicial procedures;

- Labor relations (full support including registration of labor contracts, job descriptions, local acts (internal labor regulations, regulations on discipline, etc.), registration of hiring and dismissal of employees, keeping employees' personal files, drawing up orders and instructions, consulting on labor relations, registration on behalf of representative offices of foreign companies of employees in the General Direction in service of foreign representative offices);

- Advising on tax legislation issues (including tax rates and fees, tax regimes, transfer pricing, controlled foreign companies, etc.);

- Analysis of the legislation of foreign states (including on the subject of starting a business, taxation systems, business practices, opening representative offices, etc.), studying and consulting on certain issues of foreign jurisdictions and foreign law enforcement practices (analysis of court decisions, key thematic regulatory documents, regulations, etc.);

- Consulting and representation on antitrust relations and unfair competition, representation in the bodies of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;

- Representation in the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine (appeal against decisions on the application of sanctions, obtaining individual licenses for foreign economic operations, etc.);

- Control over changes in the regulatory framework for a specific area or field of activity, a thematic selection of legislation on specific issues, provision of recommendations regarding amendments to contracts, constituent documents in connection with changes in current legislation;

- Legal formalization of the construction of distribution and dealer networks (drawing up distribution and dealer agreements, documentation on interaction between participants in the distribution network, etc.);

- Consulting and drafting documents in the direction of marketing support for business (drafting marketing contracts, contracts for the provision of advertising services, contracts for marketing research, contracts for the production and distribution of marketing materials and/or information about the company/product/brand, drafting marketing programs, programs for actions, preparation of local regulatory documents, orders, orders in the field of marketing support/business promotion);

- Advising on the opening and implementation of production activities in Ukraine (direct production, blending, etc.), drawing up the forms of the necessary documents;

- Participation in negotiation processes, provision of assessment and recommendations on proposals and draft contracts received from contractors; legal support and control over compliance with the law in the execution of contracts, the application of contractual financial sanctions, etc.;

- Registration of the confidentiality regime and protection of commercial secrets, protection of personal data (drawing up the relevant provisions, instructions, obligations, forms, receipts, etc.);

- Obtaining of work permits for foreign citizens in Ukraine, obtaining of residence permits in Ukraine;

- Legal support of the interests of legal entities and individuals during criminal procedural actions (search, temporary seizure and seizure of property, testimony, etc.);

- Consulting and representation of individuals on any issues (civil law relations, taxation, inheritance law, family law, copyright and related rights, consumer protection, relations with banks and insurance companies, administrative and criminal legal relations, etc.);

- Bankruptcy of legal entities and individuals;

- Monitoring of advertising materials, speeches of competitors' representatives in the media, their analysis for compliance with the client's business reputation, fair competition; preparation and submission of procedural documents on violations of the law by competitors, development of a substantiated legal position and schemes of procedural actions to protect the interests of the client;

- Legal support in the spheres of land and agricultural legal relations (operations with land plots, land shares, creation and operation of farms, etc.);

- Provision of related services for business (translation services of legal, economic, financial, accounting, business documentation; consulting on commercial activities and management; selection of regulations or drafting legal opinions before negotiations, business trainings and seminars, etc.).

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