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Protection of copyrights

- Drawing up of author's contracts;

- Introduction of mechanisms of protection of copyrights (including monitoring of legal grounds of use of products by legal and physical persons, fixing of the facts of infringements of copyrights, collecting of the award in the judicial order, the prevention of the further non-contractual  uses of products without the consent of the author);

- Monitoring the legislation of Ukraine and the Russian Federation in sphere of protection of copyrights, the control over нормативно-legal base, thematic подброка legislations in the given sphere;

- Maintenance of clients with materials for carrying out of negotiations about the conclusion of license author's contracts;

- Carrying out of legal examination of the made license author's contracts;

- Drawing up, the legal analysis of contracts with printed mass-media, TV, radio companies, advertising agencies on questions of use of objects of copyrights or their elements, granting of explanations and consultations.

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