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Registration of trade marks

In Ukraine, as well as all over the world, the increasing urgency process of distribution of the goods or services of the certain trade mark (a sign for the goods and services) gets.

Signs for the goods and services - designations, not only specifying the manufacturer of the goods or services, but also displaying reputation of the manufacturer. In most cases successfully thought up trade mark or the image become the keystone to success of this or that company in the market, its card. The sign makes the concrete goods or service recognized among set similar, and the consumer has an opportunity to be guided in the market and to choose the manufacturer who has liked it. Thus, the sign for the goods and services began one of the basic conditions of promotion of the goods or service in the market.

As the trade mark any designation, in particular, words, letters, figures, etc., or any combination of designations (it agrees the Civil code of Ukraine) can be used.

To the proprietor of the trade mark belong:

- The right of use of the trade mark;

- The exclusive right TO RESOLVE use of the trade mark;

- The right in the judicial order TO DEMAND compensation of harm, and also other indemnifications in case of illegal use of the trade mark by other persons.

Buying of the intellectual property the trade mark makes sure the certificate.

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