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Corporate legal relations

- Formation / optimization of document circulation at the enterprise or in the structured holding companies or in group of the enterprises;

- Development of Duty regulations, Regulations about corresponding department of the enterprise, Regulations about to contractual work at the enterprise, Regulations about tenders, Positions about a registration policy, Regulations about to a trade secret (the confidential information), the List of the data making a trade secret (the confidential information) at the enterprise, Regulations about using corporate mobile communication at the enterprise, other internal local acts of the enterprise, support of tenders, development of procedure of internal tenders of the companies, other alternative procedures of the conclusion of contracts with contractors;

- Legal registration of a mode of confidentiality at the enterprise; check of constituent documents, contracts, positions or any other documents of the enterprise on their conformity to the legislation;

- Maintenance of clients with materials for carrying out of negotiations, participation in negotiating processes, granting of an estimation and recommendations concerning the received offers and projects of contracts, granting of recommendations concerning modification and additions to contracts, constituent documents of the enterprises in connection with changes in the current legislation, consultation and preparation of documents on questions of observance of the legislation in sphere of maintenance of fire safety at the enterprise (including on questions of creation of appropriate conditions for reception of the sanction of management of fire safety on rent of premises and the beginning of work of the enterprise in corresponding premises;

- Legal maintenance of activity of the supreme controls of societies (the organization and legal support of preparation and carrying out of General meeting of shareholders (participants) of societies, sessions of the Supervisory council);

- Due diligence; the analysis of risks at purchase of the companies of different organizational - legal forms, at the conclusion of transactions concerning real estate; research of legal capacity of subjects of managing, debtors; the analysis of the rights to the order the property, maintenance of execution of obligations being object; legal fixing of relations between proprietors, management; the control over observance of the currency, tax, antimonopoly and corporate legislation; pre-judicial settlement of conflicts (legal mediation);

- Corporate relations in Limited Liability Company, Joint-Stock Company, private company with two founders, etc.; registration of releases of securities (actions{shares}); reception of sanctions to employment of foreign citizens; registration of foreign investments, contracts about восместной activity.

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