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Legal analytics


- Monitoring the legislation of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, the control over legal base in a concrete direction or a field of activity, a thematic selection of the legislation on any questions;

- Consultation on questions of the tax laws in view of last changes;

- Maintenance of clients with materials for carrying out of negotiations, participation in negotiating processes, granting of an estimation and recommendations concerning the received offers and projects of contracts;

- Due diligence; the analysis of risks at purchase of the companies of different organizational - legal forms, at the conclusion of transactions concerning real estate; research of legal capacity of subjects of managing, debtors; the analysis of the rights to the order the property, maintenance of execution{performance} of obligations being object; legal fixing of attitudes{relations} between proprietors, management; the control over observance of the currency, tax, antimonopoly and corporate legislation; pre-judicial settlement of conflicts (legal mediation);

- Development of mechanisms of protection of the property right;

- Legal monitoring the enterprises at their purchase (legal audit);

- Preparation of the conclusions, an information, consultations, other analytical materials on any questions.

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Ph.: +38 (044) 592-20-95
E-mail: office@pl-group.com.ua
Web-site: www.pl-group.com.ua



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