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Labour relations

- Development of Duty regulations, Regulations about corresponding department of the enterprise, Regulations about to discipline, Rules of the internal labour schedule at the enterprise, the Collective agreement, Regulations about to contractual work at the enterprise, Regulations about tenders, Positions about holidays, Positions about a payment, Regulations about awarding, Positions about a registration policy, Regulations about to a trade secret (the confidential information), the List of the data making a trade secret (the confidential information) at the enterprise, Regulations about using corporate mobile communication at the enterprise, other internal local acts of the enterprise;

- Development of Labour contracts, Contracts about a full liability, Contracts about the collective (brigade) responsibility; consultations concerning application of measures of summary punishment and attraction of workers to a liability; consultations concerning a payment, norms working hours and time of rest (holidays, breaks), concerning registration of reception of workers for work, translation or their dismissal from work; the organization of personnel document circulation at the enterprise, conducting personnel деловодства; representation of interests of Representations of the foreign companies at registration of workers in the General Directorate of Services to Foreign Missions;

- Legal fixing relations between proprietors of business and management;

- Reception of sanctions to employment of foreign citizens;

- Consultations on questions of the labour legislation.

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