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Finance, banks, insurance

Legal company «Professional Legal Group» offers legal and physical persons all-round legal support on the questions arising at mutual relations with banks or other financial establishments (the credit unions, the insurance companies, etc.) or the collecting organizations, in particular:
- The analysis of the contents of prisoners of depositary, credit contracts, contracts in sphere of insurance, contracts about service of the current, card accounts and other contracts, and also conformity of their positions to norms of the current legislation;
- Legal consultation of clients concerning the optimum circuit of actions of the client in relations with financial establishment in view of specificity of a concrete situation;
- The organization and carrying out of official correspondence with financial establishments, application of measures for the voluntary resolution of dispute;
- Definition of a circle of the competent authorities authorized most effectively to solve put questions; representation of interests of clients in authorities;
- Drawing up of letters, claims, applications, complaints or other official documents and a direction to their competent authorities; the control of stages of consideration of references and receptions of answers;
- Preparation and a direction of claims, statements of claim; representation of interests of clients in judicial instances; the appeal and cassation appeal of judgements;
- The detailed analysis of actions of collecting organizations, fixing and operative reaction to displays of infringements of the current legislation, initiation and support of attraction of representatives of collecting companies and officials of financial establishments to the responsibility established by the law.

For more information, please contact the following contacts of Legal company «Professional Legal Group»:
Ph.: +38 (044) 592-20-95
E-mail: office@pl-group.com.ua
Web-site: www.pl-group.com.ua


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