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The general information

Legal company “ Professional Legal Group ” is based in 2004.

Site of the company - Kiev, Ukraine. The company provides legal services in Ukraine.

The basic directions of activity of the company are:

  • complex legal service of the enterprises, including the enterprises with the foreign capital;
  • representation of interests of the enterprises in economic courts, courts of the general jurisdiction, administrative courts, state agency of the state executive service, other state agency and establishments;
  • consultation on questions of the taxation and the antimonopoly law, the legal analyst;
  • a registration / re-registration of business entities, registration of foreign investment, registration of data bases of personal, registration of employment of foreign citizens;
  • development of mechanisms of protection of the rights of the intellectual property, registration of trademarks, representation in the state bodies and judicial instances on questions of protection of the rights of the intellectual property, the copyright protection;
  • granting legal services in the field of corporate relations, securities, operations with the real estate;
  • contractual work, legal services in the spheres of electoral law, labor relations, tax, financial, banking, insurance law;
  • granting accompanying services for business (services of translation legal, economic, financial, accounting, business - documentation, and also texts of the general terminology; consultation on questions of commercial activity and management; a selection of statutory acts for carrying out of negotiations, business - trainings and seminars; researches of the markets; researches in the field of legal, economic, financial, social studies, etc.).

All employees of the company pass qualifying check, are experts of a high level, have the supreme juridical education of the Kiev National University of name Taras Shevchenko and a significant operational experience in the field of the right. The employees of the company specializing on securities, have the corresponding Certificate of the State commission under securities and the share market.

Clients of the company are both the Ukrainian enterprises, and companies - non-residents. LC « Professional Legal Group» has a significant operational experience on complex legal service of representations of the foreign companies in Ukraine.

At direct participation of employees LC « Professional Legal Group » for the benefit of clients of the company the huge file of actions of proceeding in different instances is won, judicial precedents, in particular - about collecting the missed benefit and harm of business reputation of the client, about the right of priority of shareholders are created at realization of securities, etc.

LC «Professional Legal Group » with the purpose of the most effective representation of interests of clients actively cooperates with the state bodies, financial establishments, mass media, takes part in discussion of projects of statutory acts and short stories of the legislation, successfully cooperates with the permanent arbitration courts in the status of the partner, having the quota of representation in the judicial case.

LC «Professional Legal Group » daily works above maintenance of quality of given services and creation of the most comfortable conditions of cooperation for clients.

For more information, please contact the following contacts of Legal company «Professional Legal Group»:
Ph.: +38 (044) 592-20-95
E-mail: office@pl-group.com.ua
Web-site: www.pl-group.com.ua



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legal services ukraine
legal services ukraine

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