- consulting on legal issues regardless of the field or direction;
- monitoring of changes in the normative legal base for a particular direction or area of activity, thematic compilation of legislation on specific issues;
- support of private companie’s tenders, other alternative procedures for concluding agreements with counterparties;
- analysis of the legislation of foreign states (including on the subject of starting a business, taxation systems, business practices, opening representative offices, etc.), studying and consulting on certain issues of foreign jurisdictions and foreign law enforcement practices (analysis of court decisions, key thematic regulatory documents, regulations, etc.);
- control over changes in the regulatory framework for a specific area or field of activity, a thematic selection of legislation on specific issues, provision of recommendations regarding amendments to contracts, constituent documents in connection with changes in current legislation;
- legal formalization of the construction of distribution and dealer networks (drawing up distribution and dealer agreements, documentation on interaction between participants in the distribution network, etc.);
- monitoring of advertising materials, speeches of competitors' representatives in the media, their analysis for compliance with the client's business reputation, fair competition; preparation and submission of procedural documents on violations of the law by competitors, development of a substantiated legal position and schemes of procedural actions to protect the interests of the client;
- provision of related services for business (translation services of legal, economic, financial, accounting, business documentation; consulting on commercial activities and management; selection of regulations or drafting legal opinions before negotiations, business trainings and seminars, etc.).

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