Contract work

- drafting and proofreading of all types of agreements: buying and selling, supply, storage, services, rent, loan, insurance, leasing, commission, agency contracts, etc.;
- drawing up of foreign economic contracts (in different languages); registration of foreign economic contracts of financial loan in the National Bank of Ukraine; legal control of foreign economic transactions;
- participation in negotiations, providing recommendations on propositions received from counterparties and on the draft contracts; legal support and control over observance of legislation in the performance of contracts, application of financial sanctions etc; providing recommendations for amendments to contracts, for statutory documents due to changes in the current legislation;
- prejudicial adjustment of conflicts;
- legal formalization of the construction of distribution and dealer networks (drawing up distribution and dealer agreements, documentation on interaction between participants in the distribution network, etc.);
- participation in negotiation processes, provision of assessment and recommendations on proposals and draft contracts received from contractors; legal support and control over compliance with the law in the execution of contracts, the application of contractual financial sanctions, etc.;
- registration of the confidentiality regime and protection of commercial secrets, protection of personal data (drawing up the relevant provisions, instructions, obligations, forms, receipts, etc.).

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